Itz Book Fairs is now managed by The Book Rescuers

For additional information, contact George at 727-692-0395 

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Save yourself the hassle! Itz Books offers FREE pack up and set up on all fairs.

Itz Books offers carefully curated content from a variety of publishers. 

Itz carries both fiction and non-fiction topics, inspiring your students to delve into both genres. We are also happy to accommodate special requests of either to match school interest, curriculum focuses, or student desires! 

We are always happy to customize our fairs to any special needs and requests! Feel free to let us know of any way we can enhance the fair at your school- whether that be topics of interest, authors of request, or curriculum focuses! 

We are proud to offer titles starting at just $1.00. By offering more affordable options, we aim to help every child leave with a book. 

We think that a book fair should focus on books. Because of this, our focus is on carrying books and reading materials- none of the other stuff. Don’t worry! Our fairs still include a variety of pencils, erasers, bookmarks, and activity books. 

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